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New Year - New Me!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

It is time to set a new goals and achieve them.

We all have goals and dreams. Some wilder than others. Whatever your dreams or goals are they are simply perfect for you. They are perfect for you if they make you feel excited, happy. If they make you feel that you are looking forward to them. They are right for you if they make you feel hopeful. They are right for you if you feel powerful and strong when you think about them and imagine them already happening.

But what if thinking about your dreams and desires makes you feel down, bad, and underachieved. What if thinking about your goals instead of empowering you to put you in a place of despair and total separation from your goal self. And you feel you are here, and your goal and dream self and life are there and there is this big gap between you now and the dream you. And what if that makes you feel even worse as most of the times brings more negative than positive feelings and limitation and more blockages.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many people out there. Where their dreams and hopes are staying only in their heads and could not see daylight.

Now let’s go back to the beginning when the seat of your dream was developing. Try to remember the gradual process or sudden enlightenment you received this is what you want. How does it make you feel? Do you feel excited and full of hope? Do you feel empowered and ready to rock the world?

Can you see yourself leaving your DREAM right now? And how does it feel to do so?

Now imagine combining those powerful feelings and visualizations with an actual plan of action to reach your Goal-Dream.

When your dreams and hopes stay only in your head you might get inspired to take some actions for some time but then you most likely act more chaotically and without structure. You might start for some time and then you will stop. We all have done that. We will try to pick up different ways and if we try to reflect, we won’t be able to find why it didn’t work as we won’t have measurable data. And the reason we do not have measurable data is that we don’t have an action plan outlining step by step how we can reach from where we are now to living our goal or dream.

Aligning our dreams with powerful visualizations and turning them into goals with an action plan helps to move from the “Realm of just wishful thinking” to release our full potential into reality.

I will run a simple example of an action plan. In the example, my dream will be able to play guitar well.

Long term goal 👇🏼

I want to play the guitar fluently in 1 year!

Above is my main goal. This main goal could be broken down into few sections to help me reached it.

I want to be able to play one song fully in the next 4 months.

Above is my short-term goal supporting the long-term goal.

-Core daily habits

I commit to investing 30 min every day of watching YouTube videos and learning chord and techniques.

I commit to 2 times 10 min practicing what I have learned.

Above are the core daily habits I can do every day to support the long term and short-term goals.

-Micro Daily habits

Visualizing playing the guitar fluently

Looking for 60 sec at the chords I already learned

Looking for 60 sec at new chords

Above are the micro daily habits you can do every day to support your long- and short-term goals and core daily habits and which doesn’t take more than 60 sec a day.

-Nice non-daily habits

To go once a week to a guitar lesson

Once a week to play for 2 hours.

Above are the nice non-daily habits you can do once a week to support all the above.

As you can probably see and feel when put this way playing the guitar seems much more achievable. In order for all the above to be successful, we need to establish is it anything that could stop you on daily basis from committing to your core daily habits. Being completely real and honest with yourself about your possible daily obstacles will help to establish a healthy self-discipline relationship.

For example, the main daily obstacle of not reaching my core daily habit of watching and learning with YouTube videos for 30 mins is overdoing some other area that doesn't leave me time for it. Or put in other words, I must make sure, I am sticking to my Own timetable as I can overdo things. For someone else might be the kids, looking after elderly parents, or overtime at work. Once you establish what possible could stop you from reaching your core daily habits you can be more in control.

Let’s say you missed one day, there is no reason to beat yourself up for it. But rather, you can do more some of the other days.

You can apply this example to anything you would like to achieve. Leave a comment below and happy achieving😊.

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