Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Yoga for You!

    Every month
    Connect to your natural wellbeing!
    • One-to-one live stream yoga session per week.
    • Yoga assessment at the beginning.
    • Mini yoga programs to practise in-between the sessions.
    • End of the month assessment to help you progress.
  • Flexiwellness plan

    Every month
    Align with your inner confidence and live life your terms!
    • Weekly Livestreamed Private yoga sessions
    • Weekly Remote Reiki healing sessions
    • Weekly Remote Life coaching sessions
    • Ongoing support via phone and email
    • Bonus free materials
    • Personalised wellbeing program
  • Best Value

    Yoga Junkie

    Every month
    Boost your wellness with yoga!
    • 2 weekly 1 hour one-to-to livestreamed yoga sessions.
    • Yoga assessment at the beginning of the plan.
    • Weekly mini Yoga programs to help you progress.
    • Special Monthly Yoga Nirdra session
    • Yoga assessment at the end of each month
    • Access to "5 mins wellness for busy professionals"