Five minutes of wellness for busy professionals who sit four or more hours a day online course


 Do you suffer from lower back pain? Do you feel tension on your shoulders and neck? Or you might feel uninspired or tired all the time. Do you feel stress and anxiety, or have negative thoughts? Is hard for you to stay motivated? These are just a few of the effects of sitting too much which cannot be magically undone only from regular exercise?

Extra weight, blood clots, cardiovascular disease, and heart attack are just a few major complications of sedentary behaviour.

A daily routine is important for our own health and well-being as even though we go regularly to exercise classes or strength training exercises which will help to manage stress reduction and have more positive emotions and healthy life, still, scientists discovered that the effects of prolonged sitting cannot be undone. Internal medicine will always help, however, let's see how we can prevent it all together so we can go to a healthier destination faster.











Welcome to Five minutes wellness for busy professionals who sit four and more hours a day online course or your Office Yogis Guide. In this course, you will learn easy-to-follow and adapt in your work and private lives practical tips to keep your body and mind healthy and stress-free. We will learn how can break sitting for long periods.

Effects of long sitting

We will first look at the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and how they affect your overall health. We will identify the negative habits that developed through the years and if you have previous experience with slouched shoulders, you will learn how to improve your posture.

We will look at how we can gradually increase the energy levels with health guidelines so can have even energy expenditure. Also, will look at the benefits of changing negative habits into positive ones and how much physical activity we need to make a positive impact which will lead to reduced stress and improve your health.

Then we will learn easy tools totally accessible even to the busiest schedule. With this course, time will be no more an issue and you will have more energy and a health guide to look after your health.

Health benefits:

 *To identify negative habits from a modern or sedentary behaviour

* To learn about the risk factors of uninterrupted screen time and sitting too much

*Eye exercises to keep your eyes healthy

*How to stand and sit in a supportive way and undo the sedentary time( or sitting for long periods)

 *Free PDF eBook you can check on the go and a Wellness Plan

Physical activity:

-To improve your health through simple physical activity

-To help with lower back and hip pain and tight hamstring muscles

-Simple exercise program, which doesn't take more than 5 minutes of physical activity

Mental health:

-To be more focused and productive

-To increase creativity

-To improve mood

-To improve your mental health

-To build a self-care routine

The research


Research shows regular breaks (every half hour) and a short walk during the lunch break are key to a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, and bringing more energy into daily life. And we all want to reduce ill health and stay healthy. We will have a systematic review of sitting too much and its health effects and look at the research.