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The long, passive poses give you time to listen to your body, releasing tension and calming your mind.

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One movement is flowing into the next with a nice and calm rhythm like a “meditation in motion”.

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About Us

Meet FlexiWellness


FlexiWellness was born from the complexity of human nature and the need this to be addressed with equal diversity in order to have lasting and fulfilling results. As a qualified Life coach, Reiki Master, Meditation and Yoga teacher, Nadia looks at the individual as a whole. She embodies her experience and knowledge on multiple levels working with the physical, mental, emotional side of human beings. Her diverse training gives her unique approach to your wellbeing.



Nadia is an international wellness expert  based  in London offering yoga and meditation. She has been organizing international Yoga retreats in Andalucia, Spain, Amorgos, Greece, Thailand. Nadia works closely with companies enhancing their wellness culture through yoga classes, desk yoga and guided meditation sessions. Some of the companies and organisations she worked with are Age UK, The Children society, Icmunlimited, C&C, Proximity, Westminster University and many more.


Nadia is very nurturing, kind and insightful teacher. She has very supportive and patient teaching style. She guides her students in building awareness in proper form and breathing in the yoga poses.Nadia aims to live a yogic lifestyle to the extent she can, which makes her classes a real and authentic experience.




Corporate Wellness 

We live in a fast paced world where the value of personal and collective Wellbeing has been recognized. There are thousands of studies supporting the effects of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness classes. This said, me Nadezhda and my team from FlexiWellness are proud to be part of the helpers, facilitators for people’s wellbeing. We run sessions on site for companies, organizations, universities and community groups in London.

Corporate yoga is already popular offering in the business world. Companies invest in their people’s health, happiness and wellbeing, understanding that the work environment is one of the leading source of stress. And the human resource is the most valuable capital of every organization.

Guided meditation

 Relax your mind- body and enjoy a guided visualization for a quick get-away.You will find yourself on the beach, mountain, valley and come back new person. Give yourself a deserved break.

The guided meditations can be done one off or on going weekly sessions. People come back completely refreshed and rejuvenated after the guided meditation.

Due to Covid-19 sessions can be done online.

Desk Yoga

I am very passionate about Desk yoga as is so easy to be done, you don’t need a yoga mat or yoga gear to think about and is done on your chair( sometimes around your chair). And if that is not enough all the modified yoga poses could be done any time during the day. This said if you book on going weekly Desk yoga sessions we will provide you of individual copy each week for one yoga pose you can do at your desk. In this way gradually a positive habit is created.


Practicing these poses and sequences at your desk will minimize your discomfort throughout the day, making it easier for you to focus on work.

Due to Covid-19 sessions can be done online.

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Yoga classes

Expect back, neck and shoulders problems to noticeably decrease or disappear. All resulting in more happy and healthy employees and less sick days off.

We are combining Yoga poses, Breathing exercises, Meditation and Relaxation techniques for best results. Either beginner or advanced student, everyone will benefit from our classes.

Due to Covid-19 sessions can be done online.


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Toni Cundy, Icmunlimited

Nadia is our corporate instructor for a group of between 5 and 15 employees. We absolutely love her, she is a great instructor, giving people at different levels different poses, and she is really funny and a lovely lady.

Krassimira Hendry, BBC WS Future Voices Senior Producer

Nadia is very experienced yoga teacher. She adapts her teaching to your abilities and level and always offers useful advice. Her classes are very good. One of the best in London!

Oscar Gaunt

Great Yoga Nidra sessions and yoga for the office. fully recommend.



Nadia came to our offices to teach a bunch of novices yoga one night a week. The team really enjoyed it and booked a block booking. A great way to unwind and feel good after a busy day in the office. We will be booking more sessions once the holiday season is over. 

Haydn Worley, Westminster University

Nadia is a fantastic yoga teacher! She has a wonderful attitude, so calm, personal and professional

Richard Cooke

As a beginner Nadia made me feel very welcome and as I’m growing in confidence I find Nadia’s lunchtime classes very enjoyable, beneficial and a good antidote to hectic London life. Highly recommended!

Alexandra Theis,

Director in Prime Finance Sales at Barclays

Nadia is a very experienced and patient yoga instructor. She is detailed and a lot more thorough than others I have experienced. I would highly recommend her.

Becky Salsbury, Proximity

Nadia is an excellent teacher! She is a warm, friendly and calm person and makes everyone feel at ease - no matter what level you are. Her teaching style (we did Vinyasa) is fairly relaxed and she tried to make it fun, while explaining the moves - both the physical and spiritual aspects. Nadia's style is suitable for all levels and she will spend 1-on-1 time with pupils to help them improve the positions. I highly recommend Nadia as a teacher.

Tanya Malden

I've had the pleasure of being taught by Nadia via corporate classes and online. Whichever platform, she adapts easily and gives advice and variations depending on your ability. She has such a lovely personality as well, with a gentle healing voice, so you feel totally at ease and a great sense of humour. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, she's fabulous.

Private sessions

Private Yoga 

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Charlie Stanley

Nadia was extremely flexible in understanding my needs, with both yoga and meditation. It was my first time, and she even lent me her yoga may, which I sweat all over.... She very much caters and understands the needs of her students. Great, relaxed tutor, lovely person, friendly and professional. I thoroughly recommend her,.

Gabrielle  S, Paypall

Nadia is Amazing!

I had an amazing private session with Nadia! She provided a wonderful mix as the practice was both athletic and spiritual. Was the perfect way to start my day! Nadia's extensive training came through in her detailed instruction and skillful alignments. Nadia is fantastic!

Julie Daniels,

Love East Magazine

I would highly recommend Nadia. She is honestly the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is always attentive, is calm, spiritual, and under her guidance I feel much healthier, fitter and flexible. I have no hesittation in recommending her expert teaching.






Reiki Treatment




Nadia is an amazing reiki practitioner. Me and my partner booked 4 sessions with Nadia and it was a life changing experience. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and full of positive energy. We felt very calm and at ease after each session. Would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about trying reiki.



I had my first Reiki session last week with Nadia. I felt amazingly rejuvenated and relaxed. Immediately after the session I felt lighter. I recommend Nadia to everyone who wants seeing the benefits from the very first session. Very reliable and professional.


Nadia’s ability to sense and balance energy to the session is amazing. I was a little skeptical of the power of a reiki session. But after a session with Nadia I feel powerful, balanced and a lot more grounded . Thank you

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